The Worlds Most Dangerous Hike Reopens

The Worlds Most Dangerous Hike – The Caminito del Rey path hangs off a cliff face 300 feet above a rocky gorge in Malaga, Spain

The three-foot wide path is pinned to the side of a rock face overlooking a gorge in Malaga.

Although the changes have been completed, the journey is still a stomach churning business.

Users are faced with a 300-ft drop if they look through their feet to the El Chorro gorge below.

If a fear of heights suddenly takes over, there’s no turning back either as there are plenty of other tourists coming up behind.

Yes, thrill-seekers, the “most dangerous path in the world” is open again for its third season following the horrible accident that shut it down for 15 years.


It is a particularly perilous path pinned along the edgeway of a huge gorge in the south of Spain. Tourists travel there to enjoy the noteworthy views of the El Chorro gorge from the path across the 300-foot drop.

The above-mentioned view sometimes comes with a steep price. Five visitors fell to their death in just two years. Thus, the powers that be closed the wooden walkway for renovations in 2001.Local authorities shut it down and destroyed the entry points, according to Business Insider. Anyone caught trespassing received a hefty fine of $6,500, but that only encouraged daredevils to sneak in and post videos of their excursions on YouTube. Eventually, the government decided to rebuild it and make it safer to attract tourists. Officials reopened the trail this week after it underwent $2.5 million worth of renovations. Via

Admission to the walkway is 10 Euros and tickets must be booked in advance to the Worlds Most Dangerous Hike. Caminito del Rey




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