Unbelievably Realistic Jurassic Dinosaur Scare in Parking Garage

Imagine the fun you could have if  you had access to the most  unbelievably realistic model dinosaur in the world?

As luck would have it, Hamish and Andy, two Australian radio presenters and pranksters got there hands on one. They  were able to take the incredibly real looking and life size Velociraptor to their underground parking lot where they work and they actually HID IT AMONG THE CARS.  They then invited their co-workers down and the reactions when they saw the DINO coming at they is hilarious.

The duo was able to successfully  to terrify their  victims with their incredibly realistic scary RAPTOR visitor. How do we know it was successful? Somebody peed their pants!

Check the video below:



What would you do if you had a Jurassic Dinosaur at your disposal?

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