10 Crazy Expensive RVs in the World

Luxury RVs which are also known as motor homes or motor coaches are luxurious vehicles that have all the features of a normal house. This implies that they contain every amenity in normal houses including bathrooms and kitchens. You can thus feel as if you are in your house when you are in the car, well sort of.

The car which is just like a drivable house is getting more popular in recent times. A lot of celebrities and superstars including Will Smith have this extravagant vehicle. If you have the means (money), you can also get one for yourself. Before getting one for yourself however, here are the top 10 crazy expensive RVs in the world you may wish to check out.


10. 2015 45DQL Entegra Coach Cornerstone

2015 45DQL Entegra Coach Cornerstone

This luxurious and elegant RV has a 8-way power eats and steering integrated in the smartwheel through a cab forward design. You can thus have an exciting and comfortable ride on the vehicle. It also has a mobile eye that is advanced alongside touchscreen displays. It has a sound bar, an entertainment system that is impressive as well as a master suit. You also get a porcelain floor that is heated and a shower you can walk into in this lovely ride. It costs about $464 thousand.


9. Country Coach Magna 630

Country Coach Magna 630

This vehicle, which is the ninth most expensive motor home in the world, was created by Country Coach, a popular firm in the luxury RV industry. The power tilt and telescope wheel of the bus gives it the ability to easily move on mountains. Some of the features in the vehicle include solar panels, tilted entry step, queen sized beds, walnut cabinets and earth stones. This bus costs $495 thousand.


8. UNICAT Amerigo International

UNICAT Amerigo International

Looking at the exterior of this vehicle might have you concluding that it is just an ordinary truck. You would however be amazed when you enter your “truck” due to its features. When its tank is filled with up with gas, you can go for as long as 2,000 miles before you would need to refuel. The RV also features a water maker for purifying water and a master suite for your comfort. It costs $500 thousand.


7. 2015 45P Monaco Dynasty

2015 45P Monaco Dynasty

This RV has the reputation of being one of the best RV ever developed by Monaco. It has a beautifully made interior and features a central center for command, cabinets that are lined as well as LED ceiling lighting. Other additional features include wardrobes, cedar lined cabinets and a king sized bed. It costs $585,750


6. 2015 Newmar King Aire

2015 Newmar King Aire

The 2015 Newmar King Aire comfortably combines quality, luxury and innovation. It features a technology known as safety cruise collision avoidance so that it is easy to drive it through bad weather and hazards. It also has a powerful system of steering as well as a kitchen that is very spacious. It costs $738,645.


5. 2014 Country Coach Prevost

Country Coach Prevost

This RV is not designed to be used on rough terrains or terrains that are not smooth. It features an entertainment system, master bedroom that is impressive, cabinets and walls lined with cedar and tiled porcelain flooring that is elegant. It costs $1 million.


4. Custom Edition of 2015 IH-45 Foretravel Motor Coast

Custom Edition of 2015 IH-45 Foretravel Motor Coast

Buyers can request for customization on this particular RV type. It features high-end facilities including a generator of 20,000 KVA, a mattress that eases slumber and a hydronic system of heating amongst others. It costs $1.3 million.


3. 2015 Prevost H3-34 VIP

2015 Prevost H3-34 VIP

The Prevost H3-34 has the reputation of being among the tallest motor homes in the world with a height of 12 ft 5 inches It features a bedroom, kitchen that is big, modern chairs and sofas, space for desk as well as other marble tables that are curved. It costs $1.6 million.


2. Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus

Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus

This elegant RV which was invented by Featherlite is just like a moving palace. It features several gadgets including Avic N-2 system of GPS which gives traffic and weather alerts in real time, treadmill that is built-in, dryer and washer, king sized bed and a plasma TV in the master bedroom. It costs $2.5 million.


1. eleMMent Palazzo

eleMMent Palazzo

This RV is at the top as our most expensive luxury RV. Everything you would desire in your house is available in this RV including a command center that is wireless, a kitchen that is spacious, bar area in the master bedroom and a rooftop that is retractable. It costs $3 million.

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