10 Amazing Experiences in Quy Nhon, Vietnam

If you are visiting Vietnam, there are some amazing experiences in Quy Nhon that you must see and do, make sure that you do not miss out!


Ghenh Rang

Visit Ghenh Rang

The Giant Rock located on the foothill of Ghenh Rang is the first thing you see when you arrive here. Charming scenery with round stones with the face is as smooth as eggs stand out magically from the waves.



poem garden of Han Mac Tu

Visit the poem garden of Han Mac Tu

From the stone slope or Mong Cam slope, you walk along the winding rock path to admire the charming natural scenery. Upon reaching the slope side, visit Han Mac Tu’s tomb. You can see poems written in large stones surrounded in the lush landscaped and the airy campus of pine forest



Thi Nai Bridge

Cross over Thi Nai Bridge

This is the longest bridge spanning over the sea in Vietnam. It is belongs to Nhon Hoi road and bridge system with the length of nearly 7 km connecting Quy Nhon city to Phuong Mai Peninsula. This spectacular structure was built in 4 years and completed in 2006. The bridge consists of a main bridge spanning over Thi Nai Lagoon, 5 small bridges spanning over Ha Thanh River and a bridge path. Thi Nai Lagoon is also a destination with peaceful scenery.



Hai Nam fishing villageHai Nam fishing village

Hai Nam fishing village located in Nam Hai Commune, near the pier to Hon Kho, remains unspoiled scenery. Strolling around the village, you could see villagers sitting to mesh or a corner of yard filled with baskets of fish and squid. The simple life in Hai Nam fishing village will help you experience a different Quy Nhon when crossing over Thi Nai Bridge.



Camp on Ky Co BeachCamp on Ky Co Beach

Ky Co Beach is in Nhon Ly Commune, around 25 km from Quy Nhon to the Northeast. Because of being adjacent to the beach in one side and to the mountains in the rest three sides, the scenery here is very idyllic and charming. For exploration lovers, camping overnight at Ky Co will be a memorizing experience. You could bring your tent, seafood and make a BBQ party.



twin tower Binh Dinh

Visit the 800-year-old Twin Tower

The Twin Tower is one out of 8 Cham tower clusters remaining in Binh Dinh – one of relics of Cham architecture and culture bringing the bold religious color. The Twin Tower is dated back to the end of 12th century and the beginning of 13th century in the period of Binh Dinh’ style. This is also the time when there was a frequent exchange between Champa and Khme Empire, so the art of Angkor architecture and sculpture has impacted on the architecture of the tower.



Quy Nhon Beach at night

Drink coffee and admire Quy Nhon Beach at night

In daytime, Quy Nhon Beach features a gentle beauty, when the night comes, under the sparking light, the crescent becomes amazingly sparkling.



banh hoi long heo

Enjoy “banh hoi long heo”

Made from rice flour, banh hoi can be considered another version of vermicelli, doused with a little oil with chopped chives leaf. In Quy Nhon, all streets have restaurants selling banh hoi long heo in the morning.



Tran Doc Alley

Eat snacks at Tran Doc Alley

Entering this alley, you will be overwhelmed by stalls close together with all kinds of snacks from noodles soup, spring rolls, dried beef salad, etc.



dried seafood vietnam

Buy “dry” seafood at the Market

Dry seafood such as dry squid, dry fish, snappers, etc. are the specialties of Nau region, you could buy as gifts for your friends.

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